When renovations started, a wedding venue was not in the plans, but it evolved into one rather quickly. After hosting numerous events for family and friends including birthdays, reunions and super bowl parties, the first paying gig came in the form of a Christmas party in December 2009. "We started getting more and more calls about hosting weddings and we just ran with it!”

The best part of this journey is that Harry and Tara created Moore Ranch as a side business. Harry and Tara have been able to keep their careers, run a successful event venue and raise three children. "We have been blessed to be able to “mom-and-pop” our family business; and we have been fortunate to have the same manager, Matthew, since we opened the doors." The two agree that staying humble and finding a balance is the key. "God and family will always come first."

Harry & Tara, both class of ‘01, agree that marrying their soulmate has made this venue a successful venture for the two of them. They compliment each other and work well together as a team. There are some great venues in the Brazos Valley; however Harry and Tara have a different market than most venues. 

Moore Ranch is the only venue around that is a working farm and ranch still today! Harry and Tara renovated an old building that was once used for housing seasonal labor that worked on the farm. Harry’s great grandfather, Harry Hill Moore started the farm and ranch in 1928 and the duo started hosting weddings and events on the property in 2010. Harry continues to work on the farm and ranch today with his father, Jerry Moore.

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The “IH” brand goes all the way back to Robert Moore, who fought at San Jacinto alongside his good friend, Sam Houston. Robert Moore was Harry’s great-great-great-great grandfather. He received land grants along the Brazos River and this is where the farm and ranch would get its start. After doing some research, Harry discovered that the brand was actually the initials of Robert Moore’s wife, Ivah Hendley. It has been used by the family throughout the years ever since. 

“We are proud to reach back into our deep heritage and incorporate this into our logo today. We thrive off of our history, authenticity and the fact that we are still a working farm and ranch. We continue to focus on building something that works for us, not what may work for others." - Harry & Tara 

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Harry H. Moore split the 12,000 acre farm and ranch into three separate properties with Harry keeping a third, and his son, Robert, and daughter, Joyce, getting each a third. The families were growing and they had decided to go their separate ways. Harry died in 1988 and his wife died in 1989. Their land was split equally among the six grandkids.

Jerry Moore (class of '73), Robert’s son, was a partner in Robert T. Moore and Sons Farm, and took over the farm in 1992 with the death of Robert.

Harry B. Moore became a partner with his father, Jerry in 2003 and together they own over 2,000 acres of farm and ranch land in south Brazos County. Today, the working ranch surrounds the venue that Harry & Tara (both class of '01) have been able to "mom-and-pop" over the years to create something unique for their couples. 

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